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Biomutant gets a new gameplay trailer that shows off combat and other mechanics

(Image credit: THQ Nordic)

THQ Nordic has released a new gameplay trailer for Biomutant, the long-awaited action RPG from developer Experiment 101.

The new trailer showcases what kind of combat players can expect from the upcoming title, as well as a look at other gameplay mechanics. This is the second gameplay trailer the studio has released which is only a fraction of the length of their 10-minute gameplay preview from last year. Take a look at the latest trailer below:

In the trailer, fans get a glimpse of the martial arts space mammal’s attack types from melee to long-range, gun-wielding combat. The new footage also shows off a range of different enemies that all - like our main protagonist - resemble a mix of earth animal and space creature. The trailer also features a scene in which it looks like players are in control of a Giga robot that smashes through anything in its path. Which is bound to be useful during your playthrough.

Biomutant has had a turbulent release schedule ever since it was first announced in 2017. After a few years' radio silence, it looked as though it was set to release sometime this year before securing a release window of May 2021, where it seems to be staying. This gameplay trailer also gave a very sneak peek at a pre-order exclusive class ‘mercenary’, but what that actually means for players we’ll have to wait until May to find out. 

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