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Avengers game crossplay: can you play between PS4, Xbox and PC

Avengers game crossplay
(Image credit: Square Enix)

If you're spending a lot of time being a Marvel superhero you'll probably be wondering about Avengers game crossplay and whether you can enjoy playing across platforms on PS4, Xbox and PC?

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Is there Avengers game crossplay on PS4, Xbox One and PC? 

(Image credit: Marvel/Square Enix)

Sadly, for a game about teamwork "Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t support crossplay at this time", according to the support page. So you can cancel all those dreams of Avengers game crossplay between platforms. It was a similar message during the beta, with a FAQ for that stating a similar blunt no, with the statement that the beta "does not support cross-play between platforms". 

At least there's some progression from the beta statement to final release with the "at this time" message, which suggests that The lack of Avengers game crossplay isn't fixed in stone and might change. 

There is, for example, some crossgen crossplay planned for when the PS5 and XBox Series X versions arrive. On that front Square Enix has stated that "cross-gen play will be supported" as part of a free upgrade for anyone currently playing, as well as new players when PS5 and Xbox Series X arrive. But it's only between the same platforms, so PS4 and PS5 can play together, and Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. No mention at all of Avengers game crossplay between them. But who knows? Maybe getting the crossgen stuff stuff working will open a door later down the line and finally let everyone play with everyone else. We'll have to wait and see. 

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