Marvel's Avengers game modes: What missions to expect in Reassemble and Initiative

marvels avengers game modes
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Knowing the differences between the Marvel's Avengers game modes in the Avengers game mission list will be handy if you're just starting out. The Marvel's Avengers game  can be played both single player and multiplayer, but it's not just a case of selecting whatever option you want. There are Campaign and Initiative options splitting up what's on offer. And, while 'campaign' is pretty obvious, you might be a little unsure as to what 'initiative' is all about. If you want to know more about it then here's everything you need to know about the Marvel's Avengers game modes.

Avengers Campaign (Reassemble)

Marvel Avengers game modes

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When you first boot up Marvel's Avengers, the campaign is where you want to head. This is (for the most part) the single player portion of the game, which begins during A-Day. You play as Kamala Khan exploring the Chimera, before the proper tutorial kicks in when you'll get to play as each of the Avengers in turn.

The Reassemble campaign has some missions that you can invite friends to, but is also entirely beatable by yourself. As you recruit more of the Avengers and reunite them throughout the campaign, you can bring them along on missions as companions, whether that's a friend you've invited online or an AI controlled character.

Avengers Initiative

Marvel Avengers game modes

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On the other hand, you have Avengers Initiative. This is the core multiplayer portion of Marvel's Avengers, but it is strongly recommended that you do not dive into this part of the game until you have beaten Reassemble. Loading up Initiative will provide some spoilers for the end of the main campaign.

In Initiative, you can take on a plethora of missions and tasks at increasing difficulty levels to earn better gear. This is where the "game as a service" aspect of Avengers kicks in, because the goal of Initiative (essentially the endgame) is to max out the level of each hero, with legendary and even exotic gear. Grab some pals and embark on the everlasting journey to fight AIM and save more inhumans.

There is no competitive multiplayer aspect to Marvel's Avengers yet, though the game will be supported for a long time to come, which will undoubtedly bring more features. For now, you'll just need to party up and try to hit max level.

Avengers mission types

Within both modes, you have different types of missions to complete. Some will net you seriously good rewards after tough boss fights, while others will be five-minute breezes to check off a few assignments. Here's the full Marvel Avengers mission list:

  • Drop Zone (short): You'll find Drop Zone missions appear frequently, because they're quick and usually somewhat easy to complete. Jump in, complete the objective, hop out. Great for mopping up challenges.
  • Faction (medium): These are essentially SHIELD-focused story missions that expand on the narrative.
  • HARM (varies): Holographic Augmented Reality Machine challenges take place in a training room against virtual enemies. These can differ from being character based to taking on waves of baddies, horde-style.
  • Hives (medium): Simple combat challenges where you progress through a series of rooms of enemies as a specific hero. Mega Hives are the same concept but each time you die, you switch character.
  • Iconic (medium): More narrative-focused missions for each individual hero. It's recommended that you complete these as you unlock them, to provide more context and fill in gaps in the story.
  • Threat Sector (medium): Another common mission type, Threat Sector missions are easy to grind as you head towards an objective — usually a hidden lair — and leave with the loot.
  • Vault (medium): When you've found some SHIELD Caches during other missions, you can start Vault missions, which involve breaking into a SHIELD vault. Fairly straightforward, but have to be unlocked first.
  • Villain Sector (long): The longest type of mission, Villain Sectors are more complex and will end with a boss fight. Worth doing for the higher chance of top tier rewards.
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