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Here’s where you can find the Zack Snyder cameo in Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead Zack Snyder cameo
(Image credit: Netflix)

It was teased prior to the release of Army of the Dead and, of course, it’s already been found. Zack Snyder’s two-frame cameo has been discovered by eagle-eyed fans – and here’s where to go if you want to spot the director’s Jeans Guy-style goof for yourself.

The moment comes during the intense opening credits sequence that charts the fall of Las Vegas as the zombie hordes descend on Sin City. In one scene, a man with a toupee is being chased by half-naked zombie strippers – because why not? Look closely in the mirror in the background and you’ll see a certain Zack Snyder at work and operating a camera. It’s there for a split second at 8:50 if you want to find it for yourself.

Caution: The tweet contains nudity and is NSFW…

Army of the Dead Zack Snyder cameo

(Image credit: Netflix)
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Pre-release, Snyder teased the cameo (via Kakuchopurei) saying, "You can certainly watch Army Of The Dead a hundred times over to find Zack Snyder and you will. You have to be super observant, it’s a very tricky moment but I’m there. I’m operating a camera and it’s in a mirror."

He added: "We were going to take it out but I told them to leave it, it’s good."

That’s certainly not the only hidden secret tucked away in Army of the Dead. There are aliens in one blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, plus there’s even a connection to Snyder’s other zombie movie, 2004’s Dawn of the Dead. All that – and fans are still losing their minds over a time loop theory that could change how you watch the Netflix movie. Still, it probably can’t beat Zack Snyder having a walk-on part now, can it?

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