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Angry Robot to accept unsolicited novel manuscripts

For one month only, March 2011, the new genre publisher will be accepting submissions from unrepresented authors

This might interest you if you are an aspiring author. Like most mass-market publishers, Angry Robot usually only accepts novel proposals from literary agents, but this is all set to change in 2011, when Angry Robot opens its doors for the first time to unrepresented authors.

The month of March 2011 will be Open Door Month at Angry Robot, which is part of the Osprey Group. The publisher has put together a team of readers to plough through every submission received and the best of them will be considered for publication by the Angry Robot editorial team. If the project is successful, Angry Robot will consider further Open Door Months for the future.

Angry Robot editor Lee Harris (and SFX blogger) says, “We’re delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to unpublished and unrepresented novelists. There are a lot of exciting authors out there, just waiting to be discovered, and we’d like to be able to help them kick-start their careers.”

Open Door Month runs for the entire month of March 2011. Further details can be found on the submissions page at .

Join the discussion: let us know in the comment thread below if you're planning to send a novel to the team at Angry Robot, or if you are an author with experience of approaching publishing houses and agents. Our forum has an area about creative writing .

Dave was once the Group Editor-in-Chief for Future's film group, but now he's the COO of Pocket Gamer and Pocket Gamer Biz. He also freelances for SFX Magazine and hosts the Robby The Robot's Waiting podcast with a couple of friends.