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Alexander Skarsgrd joins Battleship

True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård has signed on to appear in Peter Berg’s Battleship .

It’s something of a big screen consolation prize, considering Skarsgård previously lost out on playing Thor for Marvel to Chris Hemsworth.

Heat Vision report that the Swedish actor – famous for his hulking, charismatic turn as Eric in saucy TV hit True Blood – will play Taylor Kitsch’s brother, “a straight and narrow naval officer whom Kitsch, a wildly spirited naval officer, idolizes.”

The flick is an adaptation of the board game of the same name, and involves a brilliantly nutso plot that sees humans fighting aliens while aboard one of the titular ships.

Skarsgård is also attached to the dubious-sounding Straw Dogs remake, and Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia .

Battleship will hit screens on 18 May, 2012.

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