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A Life is Strange prequel may be on the way, but it might not be from Dontnod

A new Life is Strange project was recently announced as being in development by Dontnod Entertainment, but French website Gamekult reports that another game set in the Life is Strange universe may also be in development.

Developed at least partly by Deck Nine (formerly Idol Minds), this new tale is - judging by leaked art which Gamekult claims was hosted briefly on Deck Nine's website - a prequel to the original game. You can see concept art below, some of which appears to show Rachel and Chloe. If that is who we see in these pics, that would definitely place this new game firmly in prequel territory.

It seems kind of… well, strange to me that Life is Strange would go from a narrative-driven, episodic indie game to a full-fledged franchise with two new games in the works, so I have to wonder if maybe Dontnod and Deck Nine are collaborating on this new project. But maybe I'm wrong, and we really are going to get a whole lot more of Chloe. I'd be hella okay with that too.

You can read more about what Dontnod has said about its upcoming project (which, fair warning, isn't a lot), or check out the studio's other project, Vampyr.

Sam Prell
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