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The 50 scariest animals in movies

11. Grizzly (1976)

Most Disturbing Moment: On the outskirts of a National Park, a mother is out with her young boy, who is playing with his pet rabbit. then the grizzly appears from nowhere and starts attacking the child. The mother steps in to fight him off and is killed in the process, while the young boy is thrown clear but with horrible bloody injuries.

If It Was Cute: The bear would offer to give the boy and his bunny a ride on his back. And he'd probably be wearing a small hat or something.

10. Anaconda (1997)

Most Disturbing Moment: We see the anaconda coil around snake-hunter Serone and--from the point of view of the snake's throat--we see him get eaten. Then we get treated to the sight of his still-kicking legs as he gets swallowed whole.

If It Was Cute: It turns out the the anaconda isn't trying to constrict Serone to then eat him, he's just giving him a big hug. Serone hugs back and the two forget their differences and become the best of friends.

9. Squirm (1976)

Most Disturbing Moment: After a downed power line electrocutes the earth, millions of man-eating worms come to the surface and our most horrifying moment comes when one character literally drowns in the slimy, wriggly things while they burrow inside his skin.

If They Were Cute: They would be more like the warring soldiers in the videogame Worms.

8. King Kong (1933)

Most Disturbing Moment: The first time we see Kong brazenly kill. A group on the island try to rescue Ann Darrow from his clutches but, as they make their way across a large log over a deep ravine, Kong appears and starts shaking it, causing several of them to fall to their deaths.

If It Was Cute: It would ride across the log himself on a small bicycle while wearing a hat with a tiny propeller on it.

7. Jurassic Park (1993)

Most Disturbing Moment: In the pouring rain, one seemingly harmless dilophosaurus approaches Dennis. Eventually it breaks the tension by suddenly expanding its neck frill with an eerie rattle and spitting venom into Dennis' eyes.

If It Were Cute: It would be big and purple and soft and would sing his own theme tune.

6. Lake Placid (1999)

Most Disturbing Moment: In an opening scene that pays more than a little homage to Jaws, a scuba-diving researcher gets dragged further underwater by some unseen force. When he is eventually pulled aboard a boat, his entire bottom half has been replaced with bloody entrails.

If It Was Cute: The croc beckons the scuba-diver to grab his tail and he proceeds to swim around, giving him a fun ride and showing him the sights.

5. Arachnophobia (1990)

Most Disturbing Moment: As Henry's daughter takes a shower, a spider is seen crawling across the curtain rail. Meanwhile, another spider crawls into the downstairs toilet, just after Henry sits down in it. He gets away unscathed though, leaping up when his daughter screams from the shower because a spider JUMPED ON HER FACE.

If They Were Cute: The spider would be wearing a tiny shower cap and lots of blushes.

4. Watership Down (1978)

Most Disturbing Moment: For what looks at the outset like an innocent children's cartoon filled with fluffy animals and lovely woodland scenery, this film has moments of terrifying depravity that would make Gary Busey cower in fear. For the worst one, we'll pick the climactic fight between Bigwig and Woundwort. It's a violent skirmish that's all wide eyes and bloody teeth, and it'll make you think that every rabbit in every pet shop is secretly carrying a switchblade.

If They Were Cute: The rabbits would be more like the film cover/poster; all twitchy noses and snowy white tails.

3. The Birds (1963)

Most Disturbing Moment: When Mitch's mother Lydia goes to speak to her neighbour, she finds his house completely trashed and his dead body, covered in blood with his eyes pecked out.

If They Were Cute: The neighbour obviously wouldn't be dead and the chirping birds would work together to tidy the place up, just like in Disney's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

2. Cujo (1983)

Most Disturbing Moment: Mum Dona tries to make a run from her car to the house, but Cujo appears from nowhere and savagely attacks her. All while 6-year-old son Brett watches.

If It Was Cute: The 'savage attack' would consist of lots of brutal licks and a crazy wagging tail. Also, it turns out the foam around his mouth is just because he accidentally ate a bar of soap, leading mum and son to laugh it off: "Ha ha, classic Cujo".