The 50 scariest animals in movies

Beast Of The Bunch

Some animals are born scary. Some animals achieve scariness. And some animals have scariness thrust upon them. Because, yes, in Hollywood you can make even fluffy bunnies the titular stars of a horror movie.

Of course, killer bees, tigers, creepy crawlies, bats and great white sharks are always going to be at the head of the queue when it comes to fronting animal-themed chillers, but some filmmakers relish the idea of giving you nightmares about frogs and sheep. What follows would make the scariest zoo in history if someone could collect this lot together.

50. Piranha (2010)

Most Disturbing Moment: Just as scary as the 1978 original, but this version has more gore. Take, for instance, the parasailer who dips in and out if the sea while being pulled by a speedboat, which attracts a school of piranha to start nibbling on her lower limbs. Eventually, she is lifted out of the water again and we see that she has been chewed in half.

If They Were Cute: The fish nibbling her would just be eating the dead skin, like those little tiddlers you find in fish pedicure tanks. The woman is then lifted out of the sea with her legs intact and perfectly exfoliated, all while the fish wave her off with their little fins.

49. Night Of The Lepus (1972)

Most Disturbing Moment: The drove of giant rabbits head into the nearby town and kill everyone in sight. Well, everyone is superimposed running away from what are clearly just domestic rabbits. But still, those eyes! Theres something eerie about those cold, dead eyes.

If they Were Cute: They would be exactly the same, only normal-sized. And with friendlier eyes.

48. Kaw (2007)

Most Disturbing Moment: A pack of maddened ravens descend on the town, attacking passers-by and ripping into their flesh.

If They Were Cute: The ravens descend on the town and simply point towards the field with the dead cow carcasses, warning the townsfolk of the nearby infection and saving their lives.

47. Beginning Of The End (1957)

Most Disturbing Moment: The realisation that there are fewer and fewer grasshoppers onscreen as the film goes on because they have started to eat each other.

If They Were Cute: They would be encased in an enormous glass tank and kept in a huge classroom for children to feed and learn about nature.

46. Maneater (2007)

Most Disturbing Moment: In a climactic scene, the tiger attacks and kills a young boy's mother, complete with screams, snarls and, of course, blood.

If It Was Cute: The tiger would be distracted by a saucer of milk and one of those laser pen toys.

45. The Swarm (1978)

Most Disturbing Moment: The bees launch an attack on a train, killing the driver in the process. His body then falls against the control lever, causing the train to crash into a mountain and explode in a ball of flames. What? It could happen.

If They Were Cute: The bees would swarm the train... but only to bring tiny jars of their delicious honey to all the passengers as gifts.

44. Frogs (1972)

Most Disturbing Moment: Grumpy wheelchair-bound Jason, who has been polluting the grounds around his mansion with pesticide, gets his comeuppance when the nearby fauna decide to take their revenge. Hundreds of frogs break into his home and state at him, croaking more and more loudly until he has a heart attack. They then proceed to hop all over his dead body.

If It Was Cute: The croaking would actually be a harmonised rendition of Paul McCartney's Frog Chorus.

43. Bats (1999)

Most Disturbing Moment: A legion of bats descend on the nearby sleepy town, killing everyone they can sink their tiny little jaws into.

If They Were Cute: The bats are only out prowling the streets at night because they are trying to fight crime, like Batman. The most action they see, however, is helping an old lady with her shopping and teaching a small group of children the Green Cross Code.

42. Tarantula (1955)

Most Disturbing Moment: Chasing after human prey on the way into town. Nothing gory happens but we are talking about a venomous spider the size of a house, so that's disturbing enough.

If It Was Cute: It would be normal-sized. And would have little boots on each of its eight legs.