The 50 scariest animals in movies

21. Snakes On A Plane (2006)

Most Disturbing Moment: So many to choose from, but we'll go with the moment when the plane is in trouble and the oxygen masks are released from above the passenger seats, dropping venomous snakes on to everyone's laps. The snakes immediately start biting everything in sight. Also, one poor woman who then tries to vomit in a sick bag discovers that it contains a snake, which bites and latches on to her tongue.

If They Were Cute: The snakes would drop down from the overhead compartments and, rather than bite anyone, they'd just try to hypnotise them with spiral eyes, like The Jungle Book's Kaa.

20. Man's Best Friend (1993)

Most Disturbing Moment: A showdown between Max and cruel junkyard owner Ray sees the vicious dog get burned in the face with a blowtorch. He takes revenge though, ferociously biting Ray's genitals, causing blood to spurt up across his face.

If It Was Cute: The 'showdown' would consist of nothing more than a tugging game with Max's favourite toy, a squeaky ball on a rope.

19. Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Most Disturbing Moment: It has to be Samuel L. Jackson's death scene. A shark appears from nowhere and chomps its jaws down on his Corporate Executive Russell Franklin while he is in the middle of making an impassioned speech to the rest of the survivors about working together.

If It Was Cute: The shark would appear from nowhere and jump through a few hoops before balancing Samuel L. Jackson on its nose.

18. Ticks (1993)

Most Disturbing Moment: After trying to capture a mutated tick that has been set loose in a vet's office with a fishing net, the doctor eventually just steps on it. Cue a close up of white mushy guts.

If It Was Cute: The vet would be Dr Dolittle and the tick would talk to him about his strange eventful day

17. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (2011)

Most Disturbing Moment: After witnessing an altercation between Alzheimers-sufferer Charles and obnoxious neighbour Hunsiker, Caesar lets his rage get the better of him and goes berserk. He attacks Hunsiker, beating him and biting his finger off.

If It Was Cute: We wouldn't see grown-up Caesar at all. He'd stay a cute little baby chimp snuggled up in a cardboard box for the whole film.

16. Day Of The Animals (1977)

Most Disturbing Moment: So many to choose from, not the least the sight of a bare-chested Leslie Nielsen going up against a bear, but we'll opt for the vicious bird of prey attack on one of the main characters. It's like Hitchcock's The Birds, but these guys are already predators.

If They Were Cute: They would pick our characters up with their talons and carry them off to safety. Y'know, like in Lord Of The Rings.

15. Rogue (2008)

Most Disturbing Moment: As one tourist crawls out of the water and up the beach to apparent safety, the croc suddenly lunges out of the water and rips his right arm off before throwing him back in the water to be devoured.

If It Was Cute: The crocodile would crawl up on the beach beside the tourist, wait for the sun to come up and then pop on a pair of shades and catch a tan.

14. The Grey (2011)

Most Disturbing Moment: As Hernandez steps away from the group to spend a penny, a wolf appears out of nowhere and begins feasting on his leg.

If They Were Cute: The wolf would appear out of nowhere, see what the man was doing and adopt a Hugh Grant-like stammer to apologise: "I-I'm terribly sorry... I d-didn't realise... p-please excuse me..." Etc.

13. Willard (1971)

Most Disturbing Moment: Willard gets revenge on his mean boss Mr Martin by trapping him in the office elevator as rats pour in and start biting him. That's claustrophobia AND evil-rat-phobia, all in one.

If They Were Cute: Instead of doing Willard's bidding to maim and kill anyone that gives him a hard time, the rats each follow their dreams to become a chef in a Parisian restaurant. There's a chance, we may have seen this story elsewhere.

12. Orca (1977)

Most Disturbing Moment: During the male whale's revenge-fuelled rampage, he attacks Nolan's seaside home, causing it to crash sideways into the sea. Unfortunately, this makes injured crew member Annie slide down towards the whale, allowing him to bit her leg off.

If It Was Cute: The whale performs an entire Seaworld routine, complete with jumping out of the water and rolling on its side while waving with its fin.