The 50 scariest animals in movies

41. The Ring (2002)

Most Disturbing Moment: In a horrible moment that looks incredibly realistic in a film full of creepy special effects, a horse aboard a ferry goes insane, breaks free and charges at main character Rachel. He ends up jumping over her, bolting over the side of the ferry, into the ocean below, apparently committing suicide.

If It Was Cute: The horse would run over to Rachel, stop in front of her and nuzzles her pocket. It turns out that she had a couple of sugar cubes on her person, which she feeds to the horse and they become best of friends.

40. Life Of Pi (2012)

Most Disturbing Moment: Pi first finds himself on a lifeboat and escapes from a spotted hyena that snaps at him. Then, suddenly from underneath the boat tarp, Richard Parker springs out and kills the hyena before taking several swipes at Pi.

If It Was Cute: Richard Parker would pounce on the hyena and they would wrestle for a bit before curling up and cleaning each others fur before falling asleep in a nice warm corner of the boat.

39. It Came From Beneath The Sea (1955)

Most Disturbing Moment: The underwater monster attacks San Franciscos Golden Gate Bridge, collapsing one section and sending the public into wild panic.

If It Was Cute: The octopus is just visiting as any other tourist and is making its way to have a ride on one of San Franciscos famous cable cars.

38. The Black Scorpion (1957)

Most Disturbing Moment: After a failed attempt to collapse the cave in which they all dwell, the scorpions make it back up to the surface and attack a nearby train, killing several passengers.

If They Were Cute: The scorpions catch up with the train just to get out of town, scared by the attempt to collapse their cave. It turns out that mankind are the REAL monsters after all

37. Eight-Legged Freaks (2002)

Most Disturbing Moment: A young Scarlett Johansson comes to face to face with a giant male orb weaver, who sneaks in through her open window, pins her against the wall and sprays her with webbing.

If It Was Cute: The giant spider was just climbing through her window to enact a Dawson-style display of affection, with a single red rose in each of its legs.

36. Alligator (1980)

Most Disturbing Moment: At a children's fancy dress party, a young boy is blindfolded by two other boys and--for a laugh--they take him into the garden and push him into the swimming pool. Unfortunately, that's where the alligator is laying wait and we see his jaws wrap around the small boy and the pool quickly turns red...

If It Was Cute: The alligator wouldn't be there to cause harm to anyone, it has just turned up for the party. Aww, and it has come dressed as a pirate!

35. The Deadly Mantis (1957)

Most Disturbing Moment: After trapping the beast in a tunnel and filling it with smoke, the authorities head in to finish the job. Unable to see in the fog, however, they cant see the mantis until it suddenly pops out only a few yards ahead.

If It Was Cute: It turns out that the smoke is all part of an elaborate magic trick performed by the mantis who--just like Manny from A Bugs Life--is an accomplished magician.

34. The Ghost And The Darkness (1996)

Most Disturbing Moment: Military engineer Patterson and railway worker Starling track a lion to one end of their camp, where they see it feasting on another worker. Suddenly, the hitherto-unknown second lion jumps down from a roof onto the pair, killing Starling by slashing his throat.

If It Was Cute: The lion would jump down from the roof and proceed to wash his face with his paws before rolling around on his back in a nice sunny spot. Awww.

33. Strays (1991)

Most Disturbing Moment: A telephone guy making repairs in the house is suddenly ambushed by a dozen or so cats. They appear to surround him while the alpha cat makes strange bloodcurdling meows. Then, with whatever the cat equivalent of "attack!" is, the cats all leap on him, causing him to die. Somehow.

If It Was Cute: They'd all be lolcats and the telephone guy would giggle at his heart's content as they take it in turns to open doors, look shocked, climb into boxes and generally fall over.

32. Piranha (1978)

Most Disturbing Moment: The school of vicious fish attack a summer camp during a swimming marathon, killing many of the children as well as their supervisor.

If They Were Cute: They would join the summer camp and hold their own swimming marathon. Then they would team up with the supervisor and help teach the lower-ability kids to improve on their swimming technique through encouragement and positive reinforcement.