The 50 scariest animals in movies

31. Congo (1995)

Most Disturbing Moment: Tim Curry's dodgily-accented Romanian philanthropist Herkermer Homolka meets an ugly end when, in trying to steal precious diamonds from an ancient mine, he gets set upon by a tribe bloodthirsty gorillas. They surround him, beat him up and, eventually, crush his skull.

If They Were Cute: The ancient mine is actually an ancient gorilla playpen, complete with tyre swing and climbing frame. They play with Tim Curry for a while before he joins them for a cuddly snooze.

30. Black Sheep (2006)

Most Disturbing Moment: Wicked scientist Angus gives a presentation to a group of businessmen about his new genetically enhanced sheep only to have it gatecrashed by the crazed herd, who proceed to massacre everyone in sight.

If It Was Cute: All of the sheep really behaved like Aardmans Shaun The Sheep, having fun adventures all around the farm.

29. Food Of The Gods (1976)

Most Disturbing Moment: The already depleted survivors find themselves trapped in a farmhouse while a swarm of giant rats scurry all over the building.

If they Were Cute: The rats are just trying to get into their own home. It turns out that they are real-life Sylvanian Families!

28. Komodo (1999)

Most Disturbing Moment: With Patrick psychologically scarred over the Komodo-related deaths of his parents and pet dog, psychiatrist Victoria convinces him to return to the scene with his aunt and grandmother. It isn't long before they run into the unusual beasts again though and one of them swallows poor old grandma whole.

If they Were Cute: They would be baby versions of the cool type of dragon we all wish they were, coughing out the occasional puff of smoke and setting things on fire with every little sneeze.

27. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954)

Most Disturbing Moment: One of the squid's tentacles wraps around ship captain Nemo and he writhes around unable to escape.

If It Was Cute: It turns out the squid is just as scared as Nemo and releases its ink in fright (just like Pearl in Finding Nemo).

26. Burning Bright (2007)

Most Disturbing Moment: Kelly is hiding in the laundry chute while the tiger prowls the room below. Suddenly, he finds a drop of her sweat, looks up at her and attacks.

If It Was Cute: The tiger would simply wait out the hurricane in the kitchen, making himself a bowl of frosties before declaring "They're grrrreat!"

25. Slugs (1988)

Most Disturbing Moment: One character accidentally eats a chopped up slug in his salad and this causes him to basically explode. More slugs then proceed to feast on his head.

If They Were Cute: We've got nothing. There's no such thing as a cute slug. Dress one up in a onesie and teach it to sing show tunes? Nope, still a horrible, disgusting slug.

24. Monkey Shines (1988)

Most Disturbing Moment: In a dream sequence, Allan is having surgery that could restore his ability to move from the neck down. As the surgeon cuts into his back, a blood-soaked Ella pops out in a moment not too dissimilar to Alien's chest chestburster scene.

If It Was Cute: The dream sequence would be like one of those old PG Tips adverts and Ella would be dressed up as a human and sipping out of a teacup.

23. Monty Python And The Holy Grail (1975)

Most Disturbing Moment: Despite its initial cute and fluffy appearance, the rabbit decapitates knight Bors, biting clean through his neck.

If It Was Cute: It would remain that cute fluffy rabbit that we see when the knights first approach it.

22. Them! (1954)

Most Disturbing Moment: A climactic showdown between the gun-blazing FBI and a swarm of giant ants.

If They Were Cute: They would disappear off into the countryside in search of a gigantic picnic.