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The 25 nastiest Decepticons in Transformers history

5. Cyclonus

The Decepticon: His name means murderousness in Cyberton and he was borne out of the scrap metal of defeated Decepticons, moulded by Unicron.

With the ability to fly at supersonic speed, hes also able to take out a Transformers circuits using a special laser. Hes so badass that he really should be leading the Decepticons

Nastiest Moment: In the Marvel comics, Cylconus mind was taken over by Unicron, who used him to kill Shockwave and become leader of the Decepticons

4. Bonecrusher

The Decepticon: With a fighting style thats inspired by the movements of football players, Bonecrusher lives for the kill.

Somewhat hunchbacked, he takes the form of a Buffalo H Mine-Protected vehicle and is driven by pure hatred for all things Autobot.

Nastiest Moment: Bonecrusher chases Optimus Prime down a highway, slinging other vehicles out of the way and wantonly destroying anything that strays into his path...

3. Shockwave

The Decepticon: A giant Decepticon, Shockwave is a scientist who lacks any perceived emotion and can turn into a self-propelled cannon.

He also has power over a Cybertronian creature called Driller, which comes in handy whenever he needs to burrow underground.

Nastiest Moment: Shockwave was responsible for sealing off Chicago in Transformers: DOTM, preventing any outside forces from interfering with the battle. Not only that, he also takes on Optimus Prime

2. Megatron

The Decepticon: A loyal disciple to The Fallen, Megatron is the Big Bad of the Transformers universe--think of him as a giant, robotic Darth Vader and youre pretty much there.

The movies have seen him go through numerous different looks--in Dark Of The Moon, he wears a fetching cowl.

Nastiest Moment: After being defrosted in the first Transformers, Megatron makes short work of Mission City, heading up a Decepticon vs Autobot scrap that decimates much of the city

1. Starscream

The Decepticon: A flying Transformer who takes the appearance of a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor jet, Starscreams a fan favourite and the second in command behind Megatron.

Nastiest Moment: Taking out manned fighter jets during an aerial scrap. Its not fair, its really nasty and it looks freaking awesome.