The 25 nastiest Decepticons in Transformers history

25. Astrotrain

The Decepticon: Not the most terrifying moniker for a Decepticon, but Astrotrain is actually one of the most powerful thanks to his ability to triple-change.

He can morph into a train and a space shuttle, which is exactly the kind of diversity youd look for in a deadly Decepticon.

Nastiest Moment: Not only is Astrotrain a triple-changer, hes also two-faced, betraying Megatron and ascending to the role of Decepticon leader

24. Igor

The Decepticon: Clearly inspired by the Hammer horror character, Igor is actually the decapitated head of Long Haul, who was destroyed in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

Modified to become his own Decepticon in Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Igor is Megatrons loyal, scuttly minion.

Nastiest Moment: Eating the head of the Abraham Lincoln statue in Washington DC. Talk about evil

23. Barricade

The Decepticon: A Decepticon who transforms into a cop car (a Saleen S281 to be precise), Barricades job is to infiltrate under the guise of the police. After all, whos more trustworthy than a police officer?

Nastiest Moment: Though Barricades more insidious than all out nasty, destroying Wheeljack in Dark Of The Moon wasnt exactly nice, was it?

22. Laserbeak

The Decepticon: A bird-like Decepticon who excels at subterfuge, Laserbeak is often employed by the Decepticons to spy on the Transformers and, occasionally, take them out.

Hes also able to take on different forms for infiltration purposes.

Nastiest Moment: Laserbeak disguises himself as a Bumblebee-esque Autobot, infiltrating the home of Jerry Wang before killing him.

21. Scorponok

The Decepticon: A Decepticon who is also a minion to Blackout, Scorponok takes the form of a mechanical scorpion, which is sort of a hint at how deadly he is.

Because of his ability to burrow, hes used to hunt and kill--as seen in that great scene in the first Transformers when he takes on a load of soldiers.

Nastiest Moment: Scorponok ambushes soldiers based in Qatar, burrowing under the sand and attacking from below. He even drags some of the guys into the sand.

20. Alice

The Decepticon: She looks like your average college undergrad, but Alice is actually a Decepticon Pretender; a special kind of Transformer that uses external armour shells to hide all robotics and give the impression of being human.

Now thats deadly

Nastiest Moment: Alice gives Sam (Shia LaBeouf) a quite literal tongue lashing when she attempts to strangle him using her robotic tongue before chasing him and Mikaela (Megan Fox) through college on a destructive rampage.

19. Skywarp

The Decepticon: A lovable goon, Skywarp isnt big on smarts, but hes important in the Transformers mythology because hes the first Decepticon to wake up on earth and reactivate his brothers in Transformers: The Movie.

His greatest asset is his teleportation ability, which makes him indispensable to Megatron. Until hes dispensed with

Nastiest Moment: The nastiest Skywarp gets is insulting Starscream in front of Megatron.

18. Grindor

The Decepticon: A total beast of a Decepticon, Grindor is the kind of warrior you really want on your side.

He takes on the robust form of a Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion.

Nastiest Moment: As if kidnapping Sam and Mikaela wasnt enough, Grindor also goes up against Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, showing off some seriously dirty fighting moves.

17. Reedman

The Decepticon: A Decepticon who seems to have been on the Atkins diet, Reedman is a spindly Transformer who consists of numerous Microcons.

He sort of looks like a preying mantis, and his skinny stature renders him damn near invisible from some angles. Which, naturally, makes him all kinds of deadly.

Nastiest Moment: During an attempt to steal the All Spark (in Transformers: ROTF), Reedman uses his razor-like extremities to slice a soldier up. Nice.

16. Frenzy

The Decepticon: As the name suggests, Frenzys a manic, extremely vocal little Decepticon with needle-like limbs.

Thanks to his diminutive size, hes great at sabotage and it helps that hes able to change shape at will--he variously becomes a mobile phone and a boom box.

Nastiest Moment: While aboard Air Force One, Frenzy takes out a number of Secret Service agents using killer disc blades and his own teeny machine guns