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23 Possible Bond Girls For Bond 23

Marielle Jaffe

The Girl: Made her entrance in last year’s high school drama Locked In before cropping up as ‘Aphrodite Girl’ in Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief . Will get a serious profile boost in this year’s Scream 4 , in which she plays a (stab-worthy) friend of Hayden Panettiere and Emma Robert.

Bond Name: Devoida Taste

Bond Backstory: Raised by gypsies in the outskirts of Manchester, Dev found a way to make money when she fell in with a street gang, and worked her way up to become the girlfriend of a renowned Manchester mob boss.

Kat Dennings

The Girl: Starring opposite Natalie Portman in this year’s Thor . Had less mainstream success in the indified likes of Nick And Norah and Defendor . Gave good pout in US TV shows Sex And The City , Without Trace, E.R and Raising Dad .

Bond Name: Eileen Dover

Bond Backstory: Daughter to a high-end businessman who built his empire on the backs of third world debt (or something), Leen is a computer whizz who uncovers files on her pa’s Macbook containing designs for an operation that could turn the whole of Africa into a giant crater. On the run, she bumps into Bond…

Jackie Weaver

The Girl: Alright, woman. Terrified and delighted in equal measure as the devilish matriarch of a law-flouting family in Animal Kingdom . Surprisingly for an Aussie, hasn’t made a single appearance on Home And Away or Neighbours .

Bond Name: Sheila Blidge

Bond Backstory: Used to work with Q in a secret operations unit, but disappeared 10 years ago never to be heard of again. Now she’s back and Q’s new boss, but is she trustworthy?