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23 Possible Bond Girls For Bond 23

Margarita Levieva

The Girl: Toyed with Ashton Kutcher’s emotions in decent romantic drama Spread and took a trip back to the ‘80s as flirty fairground worker Lisa P in Adventureland . Has a busy year coming up, with The Lincoln Lawyer , Knights Of Badassdom and The Stand Up all in the can.

Bond Name: Henrietta Rug

Bond Backstory: Has just moved to London after marrying a rich oil tycoon, but is miserable as a trophy wife. Can Bond bring some excitement to her life?

Sarah Roemer

The Girl: San Diego native who most memorably turned up as Shia LaBeouf’s neighbour in 2007 teen thriller Disturbia . Has kept a low profile since, though this year has three films on the horizon, including Ben Barnes vehicle Locked In and Donald Sutherland comedy The Con Artist .

Bond Name: Faye Slift

Bond Backstory: Faye dreamed of becoming a singing sensation, but has ended up working in a downtown bar where all manner of nefarious dealings are going on…

Ccile De France

The Girl: Turned heads this year and last as one of the best things in Clint Eastwood’s otherwise dreary Hereafter . Also starred in quality French thriller Mesrine: Killer Instinct , as well as disturbing 2003 horror Switchblade Romance .

Bond Name: Ophelia Paine

Bond Backstory: The museum where Ophelia works as an art curator is robbed while she’s still on shift. Is she a suspect?

Alice Parkinson

The Girl: Appeared briefly as Wolverine’s mother in X-Men Origins: Wolverine , performed as one of the wild things in 2009’s dreamy adap Where The Wild Things Are , and heads into dark waters this year with James Cameron’s Sanctum .

Bond Name: Flangela Munchhausen

Bond Backstory: An Italian shop owner, Flangela’s dark past saw her selling guns on the streets to anybody who wanted them. Though keen to forget those days, she’s finding it increasingly difficult to bury her past – especially when a mysterious stranger kidnaps her daughter.

Moon Bloodgood

The Girl: Kicked booty as underused future freedom fighter Blair Williams in Terminator Salvation and has stuck mostly to TV since with turns in Burn Notice and Human Target . Will next be seen opposite Dwayne Johnson in Faster and in Josh Stolberg’s Conception .

Bond Name: Hilda Clime

Bond Backstory: Hilda’s been a teacher for five years, but used to work as an ‘entertainer’ at her uncle’s club, before she fled after the death of a powerful patron…

Andrea Riseborough

The Girl: Newcastle native who was nominated for a BAFTA for her turn as Margaret Thatcher in The Long Walk To Finchley . Made waves with mini-series The Devil’s Whore , and will soon be seen in the new version of Brighton Rock opposite Sam Riley.

Bond Name: Ana Rack

Bond Backstory: Trainspotting aficionado Ana travels the country over, living day to day on whichever train takes her fancy. On one such journey she bumps into Bond, who’s investigating a plan to blow up the very train they're on…

AnnaLynne McCord

The Girl: Made an auspicious debut in horror Middle Of Nowhere before starring as Car Jacking Girl in Transporter 2 . Has been making teenager’s lives miserable in shiny soap 90210 . Will appear on the big screen this year in Val Kilmer actioner Blood Out and horror Two Wolves .

Bond Name: Wanda Doff

Bond Backstory: Rich and full of herself (we’re not typecasting, honest), Wanda’s kidnapped by rivals of her wealthy father. But whose side is she really on?

Amanda Righetti

The Girl: TV stalwart who’s appeared in everything from CSI, The O.C. and Entourage to North Shore and The Mentalist . Big screen work includes Role Models and the good-looking but pointless Friday The 13th remake.

Bond Name: Celia Fate

Bond Backstory: Likes dangerous man a bit too much, and has found herself involved with a mean snake breeder who has threatened to leave her in the snake cage with a very hungry slitherer if she ever betrays him…

Katie Cassidy

The Girl: Showed off some serious fighting skills for six episodes of Supernatural before being replaced, then pitched up in the abandoned Melrose Place reboot. On her way to the set of Gossip Girl , found time to star in the dreckful A Nightmare On Elm Street remake.

Bond Name: Cybil Wrights

Bond Backstory: Works as a waitress during the day, but is secretly a street-pacing vigilante by night. After losing her fiancé in a bloody mugging, she sees it as her responsibility to keep the streets clean.

Maggie Grace

The Girl: Played Liam Neeson’s daughter in 2008 thriller Taken before appearing in Knight And Day and Faster . Is currently filming two-part Twilight franchise-capper Breaking Dawn as thousand year old veggie vampire Irina.

Bond Name: Dusty Rhodes

Bond Backstory: A travelling artist who sells her work wherever she lands, Dusty falls in with the wrong crowd during an arty get-together that ends in bloodshed.