23 Possible Bond Girls For Bond 23

Adriana Lima

The Girl: Currently working as a popular Victoria’s Secret model, is married to Serbian basketball player Marko Jari. Has appeared as herself in Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother , and starred opposite Mickey Rourke in 2001 short film The Follow .

Bond Name: Ivana Dayov

Bond Backstory: A nurse at a London hospital, having transferred from the States, Ivana tends to Bond when he’s discovered battered and bruised in the streets, and forms a relationship with him.

Lyndsy Fonseca

The Girl: Currently holding her own opposite Maggie Q as a kick-ass female in TV’s Nikita – which is fitting seeing as she appeared in the film adaptation of Kick-Ass just last year. Has also appeared in Hot Tub Time Machine , and John Carpenter’s horror comeback The Ward .

Bond Name: Sue Age

Bond Backstory: A homeless drifter, Sue’s taken up residence in the tunnels underneath London and finds whatever work she can. But who is she really?

Sophie Bush

The Girl: Hung around in One Tree Hill for 174 episodes (and counting), while taking time to film a guest spot in Nip/Tuck . Film work has been left wanting slightly, with low-rent horrors like Stay Alive and The Hitcher taking precedence. Should fix that this year with Chalet Girl .

Bond Name: Clare Voiant

Bond Backstory: Peddles her psychic powers to the general public. When she predicts the death of a wealthy tycoon, she’s kidnapped by his goons and forced to tell their future. Is she really gifted with The Sight?

Teresa Palmer

The Girl: Being set up as 2011’s most bitchin’ fighting female with book adap I Am Number Four , and has new Mad Max film Fury Road on her slate. Pitched up previously in December Boys, Wolf Creek and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice . Next up: Topher Grace comedy Take Me Home Tonight .

Bond Name: Carmen Geddit

Bond Backstory: Assistant to an Australian ambassador, Carmen likes men – a lot. But when she wakes up next to the dead body of a man she picked up the night before, she’s the prime suspect.

Cecilia Foss

The Girl: Norwegian former presenter just starting out in the acting industry, and has already made appearances in Life On Mars and Gossip Girl . Appeared in last year’s actionfest Salt (as The Ritual Matchmaker) and can be seen as a Beatnik Poet in this year’s James Franco vehicle Howl .

Bond Name: Nora Bone

Bond Backstory: A student at a veterinary college, Nora falls asleep while studying one night and is woken up by the howling of the dogs in the college’s care. She finds them all dead…

Felicity Jones

The Girl: Birmingham-born Brit who’s signed up for 2012 fairytale rethink Snow White And The Huntsman , and will this year appear in Chalet Girl and The Tempest . Cropped up last year in Cemetery Junction , and had a role in Doctor Who episode ‘The Unicorn And The Wasp’.

Bond Name: Sadie Word

Bond Backstory: A young member of MI6, Sadie’s history is classified. When she’s assigned to work with Bond, however, it could prove vital in a case involving a plot to kill Prince William.

Bridget Moynahan

The Girl: Remembered fondly by Sex And The City fans as the harlot who married Mr Big before Carrie did, Moynahan also turned up in sci-fi I, Robot, Coyote Ugly and 2007 comedy Noise . Will next be seen facing aliens in Battle: Los Angeles .

Bond Name: Sarah Naide

Bond Backstory: One of the few women to ever have gotten under Bond’s skin, Sarah once worked at MI6 but left when she realised Bond would never love her. Now works in a garden centre.

Leighton Meester

The Girl: Deliciously conniving as rich girl Blair Waldorf in teen soap Gossip Girl , had tiny roles in last year’s Date Night and Going The Distance . Is heading up Single White Female -esque The Roommate this year, as well as appearing in Gwyneth Paltrow musical Country Strong .

Bond Name: Selma Bodie

Bond Backstory: A young magazine journalist, Selma is investigating a strange man who she’s caught on CCTV footage killing a well-known crime boss. But that strange man turns out to be Bond…

Emily Browning

The Girl: Near unrecognisable as the white-blonde Baby Doll in the upcoming Sucker Punch , Browning got her big break with Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events . Also turned up in Ned Kelly and The Uninvited.

Bond Name: Linda Hand

Bond Backstory: Linda’s a charity worker whose fundraiser is crashed by a mob boss who wants the cash for himself.

Abbie Cornish

The Girl: Another Sucker Punch girl, this one the Australian star of period drama Bright Star . Lent her voice to an episode of Robot Chicken , as well as Legends Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole . Has Neil Burger thriller Limitless and Madonna’s romcom W.E . on the horizon.

Bond Name: Anita Mann

Bond Backstory: Anita’s past as a prostitute comes back to haunt her when one of her clients dies wearing one of her old dresses. Revenge or a set-up? Bond decides.

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