20 Franchise Crossovers We'd Like To See

Jurassic World and Die Hard

The Plot: As an old dinosaur gets resurrected once again, this time he finds himself trapped in new theme park Jurassic World just as the security measures in place go awry and the creatures are set free.

"How can the same shit happen to the same guy six times?" McClane will wonder aloud as though seeing a T-Rex demolish a jeep in front of him constitutes as just another 'bad day'.

Suggested Title: Dino Hard

Step Up and The Purge

The Plot: After the body-poppers of the Step Up films defied society's conventions around acceptable dance routines, society decided to fight back.

To counteract the unacceptable mashing of genres that defied form and tradition, the authorities announce an annual day of amnesty in which it is legal to murder anyone who even thinks about jiving on the streets.

Suggested Title: Purge Up: Murder On The Dancefloor

Robocop and Terminator

The Plot: With a brand new RoboCop rebooted and ready, and with the same old Terminator still hanging around refusing to die, there has never been a better time to find out which movie cyborg is the toughest.

As The Terminator arrives from the future for yet another ill-conceived attempt at destroying the Connor lineage, the subsequent chaos and destruction attracts the attention of the local Robo-law and order...

Suggested Title: RoboCop vs. the Terminator: Dead Or Alive You're Coming With Me If You Want To Live. Er...

Godzilla and Spider-Man

The Plot: When the giant beast emerges from the water and begins reducing New York to rubble, Spidey's spider-sense is off the chart and he tries to ensnare Godzilla in a world-record breaking web.

The size comparison may be in Godzilla's favour, but let's not forget that the wallcrawler has saved the city from a big lizard rage monster once before. Can he do it again?

Suggested Title: Godzilla vs. Spider-Man: Radioactive Wars

Indiana Jones and Night At The Museum

The Plot: The adventurous archeologist always fights for those artefacts that belong in a museum, but when he visits that museum late at night, he finds all the items he has procured come to life!

With only his whip, wits and hat to survive, Indy faces exhibit after exhibit, trying to discover the source of the nocturnal reanimation. "Awake" he mutters to himself, "Why did they have to be awake?"

Suggested Title: Indiana Jones And The Museum Of Mild Peril

The Adventures Of Tintin and The Pirates Of The Caribbean

The Plot: There might have to be some artistic licence taken with the time period in order to get the film franchises to meet, but it would be worth it for one reason and one reason only: Captain Sparrow and Captain Haddock. Together.

While Tintin and Snowy embark on a seafaring adventure, all eyes are on the two drunk captains, as they bicker over the last bottle rum in the ship.

Suggested Title: The Adventures Of Tintin: Drunk Men Tell No Tales

Avatar and The Chronicles Of Riddick

The Plot: Vin Diesel's lethal rogue Riddick finally meets his intergalactic match in James Cameron's tall Smurf-a-like aliens.

As Riddick makes his way through the flora and fauna of Pandora, the Na'vi see him as a threat to their Unobtainium, but he's just trying to get back to his home planet. Even if that means snapping a few necks along the way...

Suggested Title: Riddick: Pandora The Explorer

The Hunger Games and Divergent and The Maze Runner and Percy Jackson and, etc

The Plot: To stop the influx of young adult novels trying to be the 'next big thing', all of the protagonists from current youthful film franchises fight to the death in a battle royale.

Katniss, Percy, Tris... they all shed blood on a horrific battleground to be the victor. There can be only one!

Suggested Title: The Younger Games

Star Wars and Star Trek

The Plot: With experiences in both galaxies, JJ Abrams is the conduit that brings both franchises together to determine once and for all, for geeks everywhere, which is better: Star Wars or Star Trek ?

It's the Enterprise vs the Millennium Falcon, Captain Kirk vs Han Solo, phasers set to stun vs lightsabers... it's the film to settle every online quarrel ever and will ultimately bring balance to the Internet.

Suggested Title: Star Wars vs Star Trek: Dawn Of The Jedi Starfleet

Marvel and DC

The Plot: Well, this is why we're really here, isn't it? The franchise blender that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, followed by DC's catch-up Justice League ensemble of films.

So let's cut to the chase and save ourselves years of universe-building sequels - we want DC's meanest and toughest to square off against Marvel's best and brightest. Top prize? Box office dominance until the end of time.

Suggested Title: The Avengers vs Justice League: Age Of Assemble... Part 1.