UK rapper produces creative plea for new Elder Scrolls game

Many of us would love to see the developers at Bethesda turn their attentions to a true Elder Scrolls sequel, but few of us can voice our desires as rhythmically as UK rapper Dan Bull. Sing along (if you can) to his newest game-related recording, 'Take me to Oblivion,'below:

Yep, that about says it. Your move, Bethesda.

Based out of Worcestershire, Bull earned his gaming cred earlier this year with his ode to generation gaming.

In anearlier interview,Bull says his love affair with gaming, andgame-related lyrics,was one born out of simple boredom, recalling: "I was seriously ill a couple of years ago and all I could do was sit down and play games all day, which was a really fun way to recover.”

Bull can be followed (and congratulated)on Twitter.

Nov 8, 2010


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