Two Point Hospital cheats: Are there cheats and trainers available?

Two Point Hospital cheats
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Running a successful infirmary is a delicate and tricky balancing act, so having some Two Point Hospital cheats to hand can help make things easier for you. Who wouldn't want a shortcut to unlimited money, instant staff improvements, and patients who never get hungry or thirsty? You'd be forgiven for assuming there'd be a selection of cheats included in the game – after all, many consider it to be the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, and that had cheat codes coming out the wazoo. 

The bad news for players on PS4, Xbox One, or Switch is that there are no built-in Two Point Hospital cheats, so on consoles you'll just have to knuckle down and do everything above board, though you can at least take a look at our Two Point Hospital tips for some advice the help you on your way. Those using PC, on the other hand, do have several options for trainers to install, so if you're playing on a desktop or laptop then come with us and we'll explain what Two Point Hospital cheat options are available to you.

Two Point Hospital WeMod Trainer

Two Point Hospital WeMod cheats

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The first option we'll look at to add Two Point Hospital cheats is to download and install the WeMod Trainer, which currently supports the Steam version of the game only. The cheats are presented in a tidy user-friendly interface, and there are 15 different options in total that include unlimited energy, money, and kudosh, plus the ability to improve your staff and turn off hunger, thirst, and toilet requirements with a simple button press.

Two Point Hospital Cheat Engine

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For a different approach you can try out Cheat Engine, an open source program that anyone can use to create instructions for modifying single player games. Once you've installed the main program and got it running, you can then import user-created Cheat Engine Tables that drop a selection of cheats directly into your game of choice. There are several Cheat Engine Tables linked in this forum post that you can play around with to unlock infinite money and kudosh, max out your staff energy, and make staff and patients happy.

Once you've finish cheating your way to a new and improved hospital, why not take a break and read more about how Two Point Hospital ALMOST had Alan Partridge as its resident DJ.

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