Twilight producers making Babar movie



Twilight ’s producers have fixed their eye on another book for the film adaptation treatment – but this time talking elephants are on the menu, rather than twinkly vampires.

Yes, French heffer Babar is getting a big screen makeover courtesy of producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey.

The popular elephant king is currently being trollied around Hollywood as a live-action/CGI hybrid that is being pitched as a family comedy. We're having nervous Garfield flashbacks already.

Babar was first created by Jean De Brunhoff in 1931, and has since been adapted around the world in 19 languages. If you’re of a certain age here in Britain, you’ll remember watching a TV cartoon of the story very early in the morning.

The story follows Babar, who leaves the jungle and learns invaluable lessons while visiting the big city. When he returns home, he crowns himself king of the elephants and teaches the rest of his species how to be civilised. Y'know, like humans.

We'll see if this one makes it out of the wilderness...

Fancy a Babar movie?

Source: [ Deadline ]

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