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Twilghts Taylor Lautner will return

Twilight sequel director Chris Weitz says that Tyler Lautner will return to his role as Jacob Black for the new film.

Despite rumours swirling to the contrary (he’s not tall enough/tough enough to play a man who goes through… changes*), Variety reports that Lautner is signed on for New Moon, which starts shooting soon and will hit cinemas before Christmas.

According to Weitz, Lautner, who has been down the gym trying to bulk up to keep the role, is “emotionally right” to play Jacob.

Pattinson back also

And seemingly despite tabloid talk that Robert Pattinson might be looking for a way out of the film, he and co-star Kristen Stewart are already signed for the sequel.

*For the spoilerphobic, he becomes a werewolf, as heavily hinted at in the first film and the fact that the new one is called New Moon.

So, Twilight fans, do you applaud the decision? Or do you think they needed to make a different choice?

[Source: Variety ]