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The truth is still out there in this new X-Files trailer

Fox has released a new teaser trailer for its forthcoming X-Files revival, as Mulder and Scully are reunited for another round of digging into the unexplained. After all, as the trailer makes abundantly clear, the truth is still out there…

The new series will run for six episodes, and will apparently combine a mixture of standalone investigations and storylines that feed into the show’s wider mythology. And from the looks of this latest trailer, our heroes haven’t changed a bit, Mulder having got the bit firmly between his teeth as he stresses, “we’ve never been in more danger”.

Check out the new trailer, below…

Looks like Scully is still attempting to keep Mulder from going entirely off the rails, and the dynamic between the two remains pleasingly familiar, welcoming us into a comforting embrace of ‘90s nostalgia. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will return to our screens on January 24 2016… they’ve been missed!

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