Treasure World - first look

One way players can collect Stardust is by participating in fetch-quest minigames. These games will ask players to search for missing pieces in a puzzle. In addition, Treasure World will also constantly give out daily treasures as a reward for diligent players. Worried about obtaining all of the treasures all too quickly? Fret not. Aspyr tells us that there will be hundreds of goodies to collect.

While nabbing treasure is fine and dandy, another integral part of Treasure World is music-making. Going into the Spoils Mode allows you to place down musical tiles on to the two-dimensional plane. Placing a note high on the plane will heighten the pitch of the note; conversely, lowering the position of the tile low on the plane appropriately drops the note.

When you're done with the arrangement of your musical masterpiece, you can further tweak the song by changing its tempo. When you're completely done, you can hit the play button and sit and relax as the game scrolls through all of your notes in a left-to-right sequential fashion. If you think you're really on to something with your little tune, you can upload the song online for fellow DSers to hear.

Aspyr is planning to release Treasure World sometime in late June/early July. Until then, it looks like you will just have to rely on your trusty old metal detector.

Apr 2, 2009