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Transformers 2 plot points revealed

It seems to be sequel day in movie-land. First we saw the lovely new QOS shots, then we heard about Terminator 4's plot, and now some Transformers 2 casting call sheets have revealed some plot details! Happy Friday!

According to the Transformers 2 call sheet, Bay's looking for a college roommate for Shia, who'll share his Princeton pad. So, Transformers 2 is going to be Short Circuit meets Animal House? We can't wait! What's the betting we'll see a 'bot that transforms into a keg of beer?

Interestingly for our UK readers, one of the leads is a UK special forces agent. Does this mean the Transformers will be putting in an appearance - however brief - in good old Blighty? The casting call for a "CNN REPORTER: Reporting on missile strikes and bombings in various cities." would suggest that this time, the Decepticon attacks will have a more International flavour.

This is all fanciful guess-work at the moment, but boy is it fun. If you want to play along, go to IESB and have a look at their cast-list. See if you can construct a fake script, then try to pick some big names for all the roles. See, we told you it was fun!

Source: ( IESB )