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Trailer Trash 13

We’re closing out July with the lucky 13th installment of Trailer Trash. With Comic-Con still overflowing with goodness, we were kinda hard pressed to find bad trailers this week. But don’t worry, we finally hit gold.

Hello Kitty MMO

Hello Kitty the MMO: a saccharine sweet land where 45 year old men pretend to be 8 year old girls looking to befriend other 8 year old girls. Parents: keep your kids the f*** away from the internet.

Guitar Hero 5 Goatse

Here’s an interesting tactic that might slow the precipitous decline in Guitar Herosales: redo Make the Girl Dance’s “Baby Baby Baby” video but add pizza and goatse. Sorry, but we prefer the original, hairy-bunghole-free video. Vive la France!

While we’re on the topic of censor bars, check out this amazing video. Two words: naked Pong.