Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities (77047) review: "The perfect starting point"

Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities set on a wooden surface
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If you're unsure of whether you want to commit to Lego Animal Crossing or if are hunting down a playset for your kids, Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities is ideal. It's a quick, straightforward build that's overflowing with charm.


  • +

    Absolutely adorable

  • +

    Pretty affordable

  • +

    Quick and easy to construct

  • +

    Full of fun nods to the games


  • -

    Not particularly challenging

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Though one of the smaller Lego Animal Crossing sets that I have put together, I actually think Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities might be my favorite. Not because it's the best Animal Crossing kit or the most elaborate or interesting, but because it packs a lot of charm into a relatively small package. 

Compared to the other sets, Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities has more little bits of detail more often without it ever feeling like there's too much.

Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities features

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Price$19.99 / £17.99
Item number77047
  • One of the smallest sets
  • Cheaper than other Animal Crossing kits
  • Only one minifigure

Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities is the smallest (and one of the cheapest) kits in the Animal Crossing range at launch. It includes just a single minifigure and a handful of blocky islands that you can arrange howsoever you want... or combine with other kits such as Lego Kappn's Island Boat Tour.

It does have plenty of accessories and extras, though. Iconic elements from the games like diggable fossils, bugs to catch, and tools to use can be found inside the box.

Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities build

Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities set on a wooden surface

(Image credit: Rollin Bishop)
  • Finished in under an hour
  • Easy to construct
  • Very few tricky parts

This kit has the benefit of being the simplest build out of all the Lego Animal Crossing sets I've made beyond the 'gift with purchase' set featuring Maple. The modular little island chunks are smaller in size than the rest of the sets, and it makes it a relatively quick and simple build to make one, move to the next, make that one, and so on. The most complex the build gets is a little mechanical piece to simulate an Animal Crossing villager crossing over some water by way of a pole – it's built into the side of the water and the pole can be pushed back and forth. 

All told, it took 40 minutes or so, and that was with me being lackadaisical.

Part of that simplicity is likely due to the fact that the entire set comes in at a whopping 164 pieces. It is just not a big kit, and won't give the best Lego sets a run for their money in terms of size. It's a startlingly quick build, and even while distracted, I managed to put it together in under an hour.

Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities design

Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities set on a wooden surface

(Image credit: Rollin Bishop)
  • Utterly delightful
  • Crammed with nods to the games
  • A good way to judge if you'll like other sets

In some ways, Bunnie's Outdoor Activities feels like the perfect starting point for anyone looking to determine if the LEGO Animal Crossing line is something they might be interested in. It's easy to build, has all of the hallmarks of the larger sets like a coin hidden under a boulder and a stick inside the tree in addition to the fact that it's easily and incredibly customizable. If you like what this set is doing, the ways in which it is designed and built, then you are almost certainly going to like what the rest of the line has to offer.

And because of the aforementioned modularity and speed at putting it together, you can swap the little bases around to create whatever sort of combination you like without much effort. The initial instructions set it in an L shape, but straightening it out so it can sit on the mantle above my fireplace was no trouble at all.

Should you buy Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities?

Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities set on a wooden surface

(Image credit: Rollin Bishop)

It does seem worth noting that the target audience here is not really me; it's someone the age of my children. That's not just me hypothesizing, either. The box notes it's for 6+, and all of the marketing photos and copy are aimed toward kids that age. Realizing this after the fact, I showed the completed set to my oldest child, and I'm pleased to report that they were ecstatic and immediately asked if they could help build the next one. It certainly helps that they have been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but I do also think that it speaks to the quality of the Lego Animal Crossing set as well.

Buy it if...

✅ You want something cheap and cheerful
This is one of the smaller and simpler kits in the Lego Animal Crossing range, so is worth a look if you're unsure whether you want to commit.

✅ You want extra countryside for your collection
You can combine all the Lego Animal Crossing sets, and this kit allows you to make your setup look more like an actual island.

Don't buy it if...

❌ You're expecting something intricate or complex
While there are lots of fun details squirrelled away here, this set will leave you wanting if you're expecting a challenge.

How we tested Lego Bunnie's Outdoor Activities


This review was made using a set purchased by the writer.

This set was constructed in roughly 40 minutes, with particular attention being paid to how easy the instructions were to understand, whether the process was challenging or not, and how the kit compares to others in the range.

If you want more information on our process, see our 'how we test' guide.

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