Totally Game launches today, watch the first episode here

A new Future series launches today, Totally Game from Barcroft Studios, and you can watch the very first episode on GamesRadar+.

The 10 part series highlights some of the most fascinating and inspirational stories in gaming, with a new episode going live every Wednesday. Today's episode focuses on Chad Hoku, a visual effects artist who lost an eye in 2014 in a workshop accident. 

Despite this life-changing injury, Hoku has channeled his passion for creating props into cosplaying with his partner, as they sought to create a costume of Overwatch's Reinhardt. 

The intricate costume took two months to build in total, transforming Hoku into the massive character from Blizzard's popular shooter. In a even more impressive touch, Hoku was able to use an LED eye prototype, that made him look like a dead ringer for Reinhardt.

The costume was so impressive, that Hoku actually won TwitchCon 2016's cosplay contest, taking home $15,000 for the impressive work that went into the costume.

He says in Totally Game: “I feel like without that costume I really wouldn’t be where I am today. It validated the fact that I could actually continue, I could actually live. And not only live but I could succeed." 

Totally Game will be running for the next ten weeks, and you'll be able to catch it in a variety of places. Every episode will be available on Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Facebook, as well as appearing on GamesRadar+ every week as well.

We can't wait for you to see the rest of the series, which includes stories such as the gamer who managed to save her friend's life during a game of Fortnite, as well as the Tekken player from Pakistan who became a world champion at the game. 

Make sure to head back to GamesRadar every Wednesday to catch Totally Game. 

Ben Tyrer

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