Torchlight II will be $19.99 and the final class is elemen-tastic

PAX Prime is going to be full of big announcements, and one of the first comes from Runic’s CEO, Max Schaefer. He had a real twofer today when he revealed that the Embermage will be the fourth class in Torchlight II and the game will launch at a very affordable $19.99. As for when that will be, we don't know - all Runic has said is to expect Torchlight II for PC sometime in 2011.

Above: she will also have the ability to create orange circles around her torso

The Embermage joins the Engineer, Outlander, and Berserker classes to round out the Torchlight II lineup by filling the role of the long-range, spell-slinging magic user. The class will have access to a variety of fire, ice, and lighting attacks as well as a close-range teleportation spell that can blast enemies backwards, along with a pair of dual ember blades.

The $19.99 price point is the same one that the original Torchlight launched with, which isn't surprising because the first game sold over a million copies. What is surprising about it, though, is that you'll be getting much more for your money. While the original had just one town, imprudently located on top of a nearly endless vault of evil, Torchlight II will have multiple city hubs, vast outdoor areas, different terrain types, and co-op multiplayer. It's large enough that Runic has said the game is unlikely to see an Xbox Live release without some major reworking (and removing) because of Microsoft's file-size limit. That's bad news for Xbox 360 Torchlight fans, but it's hard to complain about a bigger, better, emberier game for the same price as the original.

Aug 26, 2011

Source: GameFront

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