Torchlight II content updates planned

Torchlight II just went live, but developer Runic Games has already told fans more content is in the works. Several members of the team behind the action RPG took to Reddit in an ask-me-anything thread last night, revealing initial plans for continued support and some thoughts on anti-piracy measures in games.

"... We want to do more content post launch," said lead level designer Patrick Blank. "For level design specifically, new map scrolls for endgame, phase beast portal rooms, and more variations of already existing levels so there is even more randomization where we feel it is beneficial. We will just have to wait and see how fans react, and what they ask for and try to accommodate if we can."

The game, which boasts over its predecessor 6 player co-op and a much larger world to explore, sells for $20. Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer said this lower price point encourages a larger community, and while his company could not make a profit selling physical copies at $20, it is economically viable thanks to digital distribution.

"With respect to piracy, a small company like ours isn't going to solve it," Schaefer said. "And the last thing we think is appropriate is to punish our honest customers for something other people are doing. We believe that if we put out a quality game at a fair price, there will be less incentive to pirate the game, and that those who do pirate it may decide to buy it down the road."

Connor Sheridan

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