Too Human, one screenshot

Wednesday 19 April 2006
Microsoft's Too Human is a bit of a mystery, but we've a sexy new shot for you to goggle at that'll hopefully help make things clearer.

It's been in the pipeline for a long time. Developed by Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes) and previously intended for GameCube, Too Human sounds like an extremely ambitious production: a third-person epic that's attempting to blend the complex combat of a beat-'em-up with some gorgeous environments and large-scale battles. And it's just the first part of a trilogy...

Too Human's looking dark and mature, and is setting its sights really very high. We've little idea of how it'll turn out, but this year's E3 will likely offer some answers.

Above: Click on 'Images' above to see more of Too Human. Reminds us a little of Capcom's Lost Planet