Tomb Raider remake trailer?

Thursday 8 June 2006
A trailer purporting to be of Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition has appeared onYou Tube and seems to be a remake of the original PSone Tomb Raider designed for PSP.

Rumours that Eidos is working on a remake of the original Tomb Raider game have been circulating ever since the publisher revealed in a financial report earlier this year that it is producing a special edition of Tomb Raider for the 10th anniversary of the series, which started way back in the autumn of 1996.

Eidos has refused to comment on this speculation so far but, for many, a remake makes sense as many of the improvements that were introduced in the recent Tomb Raider: Legend, such as the fluid platforming and user friendly checkpoints, could be used to update the game.

The trailer features action from the original Tomb Raider, including the T-Rex boss battle, along with new moves such as the pole swing. What adds an extra layer of mystery is that the text accompanying the video describes it as, "a trailer that appears to show footage of the original Tomb Raider remade on PSP, rumour suggests it was being made by Core Design but has since been cancelled."

When we contacted Eidos to see if it could shed any light on the video we were told that the video "has not been authorized for release by Core Design or Eidos". No comment was offered with regard to an official Anniversary Edition remake.

To see the trailer for yourself, click here to view it on .