Tokyo Game Show 2020 goes digital

(Image credit: Tokyo Game Show)

Tokyo Game Show 2020 as we've known it for over 20 years has been canceled.

The management company behind the show has announced that instead of a physical event, Tokyo Game Show will be a solely online affair this year. Here's a bit from the announcement, edited slightly for clarity:

"Due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on a global scale and the unpredictable situation in Japan, the organizer and the co-organizers have reached this decision after much consideration to place the utmost priority on the health and safety of visitors, exhibitors, and stakeholders. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation."

While not at all unexpected, it's still a disheartening reminder of the time it will likely take for a return to some sense of normalcy. Tokyo Game Show is one of the biggest gaming events of the year and always an exciting time for developers, journalists, and gamers all around.

That said, it's great to hear it's still happening in some capacity, which was by no means an inevitability. E3, for example, was canceled without a straightforward digital replacement. Instead, it's been largely left up to studios to arrange their own events in E3 2020's wake. For example, EA Play Live will continue as a digital event despite E3's cancellation. And plug warning: GamesRadar is hosting the Future Games Show in June, where you'll find exclusive trailers, announcements, and deep dives on AAA and indie games.

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Jordan Gerblick

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