Todd McFarlane and Gamestop are creating McFarlane Day

Todd McFarlane
(Image credit: Todd McFarlane (Image Comics/Marvel Comics))

Todd McFarlane is partnering with the video game store giant GameStop for something special this week; something called 'McFarlane Day.'

"Folks! Next week is the first ever McFarlane Day at GameStop!" McFarlane tweets. "Stay tuned for some amazing deals and exclusive pre-order launches!"

Judging by McFarlane's phrasing, McFarlane Day seems to include some o the toys and action figures from his toy figure empire, McFarlane Toys. But we can't rule out some comics - and/or Spawn - component, given for a few years GameStop carried comics in almost all of its North American locations - even having some Marvel and DC comics that were exclusive to the game store chain.

(Image credit: Todd McFarlane (Image Comics))

And it's curious that McFarlane chose to wear a Venom hat for this video - could it just be coincidence, or could he be hinting at something related to that Marvel character he co-created?

On the comics horizon, McFarlane has both Gunslinger Spawn #1 and King Spawn #3 comic books coming out on October 20 - in addition to a second printing of the hit King Spawn #1.

If you follow McFarlane on social media, you might recall that any day that starts with 'S' (as in Saturday or Sunday) is 'Sexy Spawn Day.' That's where he shares new art or info on a Spawn-related project.

Sexy or not, McFarlane Day is taking place sometime this week - which could end up being Saturday or Sunday. Its also worth nothing McFarlane is participating in DC Fandome on Saturday, October 16, almost certainly regarding his partnership with DC for action figures, which are carried at Gamestop.  

A special retail event with new launches coinciding with October 16's DC Fandome can't be ruled out. 

Todd McFarlane's Spawn ranks high on our list of the greatest non-DC/Marvel superheroes in comic books. 

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