Titanfall 3, anyone? Jedi: Fallen Order isn't the only game Respawn plans to release next year

Respawn Entertainment, the lauded studio behind Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, is apparently keeping itself very busy, according to recent announcements from publisher EA's Q2 Earnings Report. 

During its annual investor call, in which Electronic Arts provides an overview of its financials and outlines its future agenda to stakeholders, CEO Andrew Wilson curiosly referred to "games from Respawn that are slated to launch by next holiday season."

The operative word here is games, plural. As far as anyone knew, Jedi: Fallen Order was the only title that Respawn planned to release next year, but now it seems that even more is in the works for 2019 at the Beverly Hills based developer. 

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Indeed, during the call, CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed that Wilson's mention of several "games" was an "Easter egg" for Respawn fans, explaining that "we’ll announce more when we get there but we’ve clearly got a lot of things working with all of our studios, and you should assume that there will be some things that we haven’t announced that come out later in the year when we go to give guidance for next year.” 

We already knew that Respawn was working on a new Titanfall game, despite poor sales of 2016's Titanfall 2, but it sounds like that sequel, alongside the unnamed VR title the studio is developing, could be out by the end of next year. It's unlikely that the company has more than three games on the go at once, so don't expect a baker's dozen of Respawn titles out in time for Christmas 2019, but this is still good news for Titanfall fans nonetheless. 

Jorgensen also stated that "we’ll brief people as we get into the fourth quarter timeframe before we run into next year’s full-year guidance", so we'll be hearing more about Respawn's unnanounced games soon enough, perhaps as flagship reveals for EA's E3 2019 press briefing. In other words, watch this space. 

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