Titanfall 2's free DLC is out now - here's what's in the 'A Glitch in the Frontier' update

Titanfall 2 continues to receive more free DLC today with the 'A Glitch in the Frontier' update. Along with the usual buffs, nerfs, and bug fixes, this patch adds in a new map, faction, execution, featured modes, and a few visual updates to make the game's menus look just a bit flashier.

You can read the full patch notes over on the Titanfall forums, but the big takeaways are the new map, which you can see in the trailer above, a new execution dubbed "Get to the Point" (get it? cuz you use your knife) and the new rotation of featured modes.

Personally, I'm privy to Marked for Death, where one player on each team is marked as a target and you'll have to simultaneously defend your team's mark while executing the enemy mark. I always liked playing bodyguard.

Want to get better at TF2 multiplayer? Check out this guide on the game's old-school playstyle. Or, if you're more of a single-player fan, here's a guide to all helmet locations.

Sam Prell

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