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The best Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Graveborn build drains the life of your enemies, in order to keep your own health topped up. While your natural instincts may encourage you to avoid the risk of sacrificing health for damage, if you put together the right configuration of skills then every kill will add to your health. Basically, the more enemies you defeat, the better position you'll be in, which makes this one of the more interesting Tiny Tina's Wonderlands classes to experiment with.

This is particularly true if you use skills that can add additional companions to the default Demi-Lich you start with, which fires projectiles every time you cast a spell. There's also a very useful skill that will activate every unlocked ability, usually triggered by a kill when you cast a spell. That can see you unleashing a huge amount of damage and buffs at once, making this very much a class focused on stacking effects for maximum... effect.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Graveborn skills and build suggestions

Tiny Tina Wonderlands Graveborn

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Like other builds, the Graveborn in Tiny Tina's has 14 classes to chose from and level up, as well as two action skills. The key to a good Graveborn build in Wonderlands is stacking effects that boost health recovery from Dark Magic damage, as this draws life from enemies to heal you. As long as you do enough Dark Magic damage, it doesn't matter how much health you sacrifice, as you'll be constantly topping up.

So let's take a look first at all the Graveborn Skills you can unlock and level up in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 

  • Mortal Vessel - Health and Dark Magic efficiency is increased
  • Essence Drain - Kills increase spell cooldowns
  • Faithful Thralls - Deal increased damage for every companion
  • Sanguine Sacrament - Briefly regenerate health when casting a spell
  • Dark Pact - Increases Dark Magic damage
  • Harvest - Kills make companions deal extra Dark Magic damage for a duration
  • Dread Covenant - Some player damage is redirected to the Demi-lich companion. When the player is about to die the Lich is sacrificed to restore health 
  • Stain of the Soul - Spells deal bonus Dark Magic damage 
  • Dark Hydra - Kills can summon Hydra companions to deal Dark Magic damage to enemies
  • Punishment - When the Demi-Lich casts Hellish Blast if might be cast again almost immediately
  • Lord of Edges - Increased damage, and damage reduction as health lowers
  • Blast Gap - Chance of creating an elemental explosion matching spell type when dealing spell damage
  • Morhaim's Blessing - Casting a spell automatically activates all of kill skills 

First up, you'll want to max out Mortal Vessel, Essence Drain and Faithful Thralls to boost your health, spell cooldowns and companion damage. Dark Pact and Stain of the Soul are also important as they will boost the Dark Magic damage - the very damage that heals you.

After that, max out Dark Hydra to gain a chance of spawning Hydra heads on every kill. You can have two at once that act like turrets firing out Dark Magic damage. Combined with Faithful Thralls it means you can have three companions dealing enhanced damage, and Harvest will cause all the active companions to deal extra Dark Magic. 

Tiny Tina Wonderlands Graveborn

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With all your skills built around dealing and healing from Dark Magic, the Dire Sacrifice action skill is useful. While it will sacrifice some of your health to inflict Dark Magic damage in an area around you, you'll almost immediately get it back. If sacrificing your health makes you nervous you can always equip Lord of Edges, which will increase the damage you inflict as well as reduce the damage you take as your health decreases.

Finally, while Morhaim's Blessing will take the longest to unlock it's an incredibly useful skill that will trigger every unlocked ability activated by a kill when you cast a spell. So that's Essence Drain, Harvest and Dark Hydra in this case. 

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