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Tina Fey responds to Hocus Pocus rumours

Yesterday saw us giddily reporting the news that Tina Fey was set to develop a sequel to supernatural comedy Hocus Pocus , but apparently the Hollywood rumour mill has got the wrong end of the stick.

While Fey is indeed working on a supernatural comedy, it will be an entirely original project, with no Hocus Pocus links save the fact that it will fall under Disney's umbrella.

According to Fey's representatives, the new project will adopt a similar tone to Ghostbusters , and will see Fey take the starring role as some sort of sorceress.

Fey will also be producing alongside Allison Shearmur, with the film currently operating under the catchy working title, Untitled Witch Project .

As for a Hocus Pocus sequel, it seems that nothing is happening on that front at Disney, although given the level of excitement that greeted yesterday's news, perhaps that will change in the near future…

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