Timothy Olyphant joins Live Free Or Die Hard

After weeks of shooting in Baltimore and plenty of script readings without a face to the villain of Live Free Or Die Hard, Bruce Willis now knows who he’ll be laying some McClane-flavoured smack-down to.

Timothy Olyphant is that man, as he’s signed on to play the nefarious computer hacker who decides to strike at America’s financial and governmental computer systems. And this from a man who has been trying to keep the law in classy TV show Deadwood for three seasons.

Also jumping on board the Die Hard train is Mary Elizabeth Wanstead, last seen screaming for her life in Final Destination 3. She’ll play the grown-up daughter of McClane, who will likely be helping her pop stop Olyphant’s evil plan and, we’d guess, develop a daddy-worrying crush on Justin Long’s character.

With Maggie Q on Olyphant’s villainous side, the film has just shifted shooting to LA, and arrives in cinemas next year.