Tim Roth is an Abomination

The producers behind the new Hulk film have been making some interesting choices as they prepare to bring the green meanie back to our cinemas.

Already on board are Ed Norton, not a man known for choosing blockbusters lightly (well, aside from The Italian Job remake, but let's just forget that for now shall we?), and Liv Tyler, with The Transporter’s Louis Leterrier handling the directing chores.

And now the villain has been revealed, with Norton (or at least the CG Hulk version of him) facing up against the massive Abomination. The man that Marvel and Universal want to play him? Tim Roth.

Last seen running from scary ghost drips in Dark Water, Roth will play Emil Blonsky, a mercenary who purposefully exposes himself to the gamma rays that brought about Bruce Banner (Norton)’s Hulky transformation. But he’s increased the dosage and he ends up larger and stronger than the Hulk, but unable to return to human form, which then makes him blame Banner for his condition, pledging to destroy him.

The Incredible Hulk will storm onto screens in June next year.