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Tim Burton developing live action Addams Family adaptation

(Image credit: Paramount)

Nearly seventy years after the original sitcom changed the way people snap their fingers, filmmaker Tim Burton will be trying his hand at The Addams Family.

Burton is currently negotiating a stint as executive producer and potentially director on this franchise reboot. Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, famous for creating hits like Smallville and Into the Badlands, will take on showrunner roles alongside Burton and serve as the head writers. 

Per Deadline, sources say that that the new series would be set in the present and be framed from the point of view of daughter Wednesday Addams. 

The adaptation is still in the early stages of development, with no television networks or streaming services tied to the project yet. This marks only the latest take on the famously creepy family that originated as a series of cartoons in The New Yorker. The property was on the big screen just last year, in a United Artists animated film that starred the likes of Oscar Isaac and Nick Kroll. 

While Burton is widely known for his many films, this would mark one of his first real ventures into the world of television. His previous TV credits mainly include developing the animated series adaptation of his hit film Beetlejuice. Adapting the Addams Family would be well suited to his taste for the morbid and macabre, telling the now familiar story of a ghoulish but loving family that has a taste for the odd. 

The Burton adaptation would be the fifth in line in a number of television versions of the iconic family, both live-action and animated alike. Looking for more creepy fun this Halloween season? Make sure to check out the best horror movies of all time.

Kai Delmare

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