The multiplayer will be as frenetic as the Campaign mode, with two to four GDI players competing against each other, or in two-versus-two teams, each controlling up to four squads with more than 50 units on-screen. Different strategies will again come into play - do you rush around capturing tiberium spikes for more squads, or do you go for an orbital weapon installation and use it to wipe out an enemy’s entire force?

Tiberium is a brave experiment for shooters - we can’t say yet whether the mix of full-on FPS action and multi-squad control will be incredibly satisfying or an awkward sub-RTS experience. However, the signs look good - with two years of intense development already under its belt and some genuine gameplay innovations (such as the transforming primary weapon) it has the potential to spread the fantastic imaginative Command & Conquer universe like tiberium, infecting legions of new fans. The world is turning green, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it...

Apr 2, 2008