Three new TV spots for The Bourne Legacy: watch now

The Bourne Legacy has stepped up its publicity push with the release of a trio of new TV spots, in which Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross runs, jumps and explodes his way through a series of thrilling action beats.

Set in parallel with the events of the original trilogy, The Bourne Legacy follows the exploits of outcome agent Aaron Cross, another super-spy who becomes disillusioned and turns the tables on his shadowy employers.

Having been trained in combat to a remarkable standard, Cross is also revealed to have been genetically optimised, with two of his chromosomes having been altered in order to turn his body into a lethal weapon. As such, he's not an easy man to take down.

Check out the new TV spots below, sandwiched into one handy video…

Heart-pounding stuff, no? We particularly like the stunt in which Cross drops into a worryingly narrow alley, taking down an unsuspecting adversary like Batman without the wings. Where do we get our chromosomes souped-up for that kind of action?

Directed by Tony Gilroy and co-starring Rachel Weisz, Ed Norton, Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Albert Finney, The Bourne Legacy opens in the UK on 13 August 2012. But remember, he's more than just a science project…

George Wales

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