Three Musketeers lines up impressive cast

Director Paul W.S. Anderson must have same killer dirt on Hollywood’s elite.

It’s the only reason we can come up with that the action helmer has been able to land a dream cast of established and up-and-coming talent for his 3D The Three Musketeers .

Wife Milla Jovovich is a given, but now news comes (via Heat Vision (opens in new tab) ) that Percy Jackson ’s Logan Lerman, Christoph Waltz, Ray Stevenson, Luke Evans, Matthew Macfadyen and Mads Mikkelsen have all signed on for the remake.

The swashbuckling adventure is kicking into fifth gear to get production rolling – not least because Doug Liman has his own, competing Musketeer flick in the making. Both films will be shooting this autumn – our money’s on Liman’s version being better than Anderson’s.

Waltz and Mikkelsen have been recruited to play villains Cardinal Richelieu and Rochefort, while the musketeers themselves will be played by Lerman (D’Artagnan), Stevenson (Porthos), Evans (Athos) and Macfadyen (Aramis).

Meanwhile, Jovovich will be playing Milady de Winter, Athos’ former lover. If that wasn’t enough, our very own Orlando Bloom is also in negotiations to play the villainous Duke of Buckingham, though no deal has been brokered just yet.

Whose musketeers would you rather see? Liman’s or Andersons?

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