Three clips from Only God Forgives: watch now

Only God Forgives has released a trio of new clips online, featuring Ryan Gosling’s brutal gangster Julian, and his fearsome mother Crystal (Kristin Scott Thomas).

And while Gosling’s bone-jarring, jaw-grabbing line in violence is disturbing enough, it's Scott Thomas’s acid tongue that really sets these scenes alight.

Casually emasculating her son while simultaneously intimidating his date, if there’s a more awkward dinner table sequence this year, we’ll be impressed…

Take a look at the new clips, below:

Only God Forgives (Solo Dio perdona) - Estratto... by SpaggyPalermo

Only God Forgives (Solo Dio perdona) - Estratto... by SpaggyPalermo

From what we’ve seen so far, Nicolas Winding Refn has managed to recreate and even improve upon the hyper-beautiful, hyper-violent world he created in Drive . We might be flinching for a fair amount of the film, but it will certainly be gorgeous to look at.

Directed by Winding Refn and co-starring Vithaya Pansringarm, Tom Burke and Byron Gibson, Only God Forgives will open in France on 22 May 2013, with a UK date yet to be confirmed.

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