This Starfield locksmith has given the space RPG's lockpicking a game of its own

Starfield Lockpicking
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One skilled Starfield player has turned the RPG's lockpicking mechanic into a game all of its own.

When roaming around Starfield's plethora of systems and plants, you regularly come across locked doors and safes filled with useful materials. Pocketing the goods requires you to complete a mini-game using space-age lockpicking devices known as Digipicks. These must be slotted into the right position to fill the gaps in the lock, and messing up means you'll have to start over, and you'll lose precious Digipicks. It's a fun and tactical diversion, and if you want some extra practice or simply just want to bust some locks for the heck of it, you're in luck. 

A Starfield player by the name of BB-dev has created a version of the lockpicking mini-game you can play outside of Bethesda's mammoth space adventure. BB-dev has clearly put the time in as it looks and works just like the real thing. It offers various difficulty options: Easy, Advanced, Expert, and Master, as well as a daily challenge that gives you one chance to crack a master-level lock. There's also a scoreboard so you can keep track of how many challenges you've attempted and completed.

The Digipack simulator is available to play in a browser through this link. According to a post on the Starfield subreddit, a recent update means it's now also playable on mobile devices, so you can test your lockpicking skills on the go. BB-dev seemingly has bigger plans for the project, too. "There's a ton more I'd like to do with it," the player says in the comments, adding, "I have an idea for an endless mode that [might be] cool."

My open-source Digipick Simulator is now mobile friendly! Link in the comments. from r/Starfield

If you find you're still burning through Digipicks in Starfield even with the extra practice, investing points in the Security skill is the way to go, as it gives you access to an essential lockpicking hack.

For more on Digipicks and breaking locks, check out our Starfield lockpicking guide.

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