This Skyrim player enabled 500 mods at once to give the game a true 4K makeover

(Image credit: Bethesda)

A Skyrim video has emerged showing Bethesda's game running in 4K with over 500 mods enabled.

Yes, you read the staggering number correctly. Just below, you can see the Skyrim gameplay video in action, as cobbled together by YouTube channel Digital Dreams (via PC Gamer), a channel that specializes in putting games to the test using a variety of mods and other technical enhancements.

This particularly stunning 4K version of Skyrim has been achieved by using the Special Edition of Bethesda's game, a remaster which launched back in 2016, five years after the game originally debuted. This overhauled base version of Skyrim, combined with the gargantuan amount of mods, is how the channel has achieved the stunning look.

In the video from Digital Dreams above though, you can really see how lush the scenery of Skyrim looks when pushed to its limits. There's no actual combat throughout the clip, save for one very small encounter with a wolf, but it's brilliant to see the foliage of Skyrim in such immense detail, especially for a game that released a decade ago later this year.

Skyrim players are still experimenting with Bethesda's game even after all this time. Just earlier this year, for example, a mod finally allowed players to pet dogs found throughout the game, and one player just recently reached High Hrothgar after spending years role-playing as a Whiterun guard. Talk about a commitment to your role.

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