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This PlayStation VR Astro Bot bundle's selling out everywhere, but you can still get it for $199 at Newegg

This PlayStation VR Astro Bot Rescue Mission & Moss Bundle is some kind of unicorn: it's a hardware bundle that comes with a VR headset, a camera (which is required), and arguably the two best games for the entire platform, all for a third of the normal price. The bundle is such a limited-time good bargain that it's sold out on Amazon and Walmart as of this writing, but you can still pick it up for $199 on Newegg. Sure, you'll need a PS4 or PS4 Pro to be able to play, but you can find plenty of deals on those too amongst all our Black Friday game deals.

PlayStation VR - Astro Bot Rescue Mission & Moss Bundle for $199.99 (save $100) at Newegg

PlayStation VR - Astro Bot Rescue Mission & Moss Bundle for $199.99 (save $100) at Newegg
If you've ever wanted to try PlayStation VR, get this bundle. It's a fantastic deal on a headset and two of the best VR games ever made, and the discount ends Saturday!

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a 3D platformer in the vein of games like Super Mario Odyssey, and it uses the VR headset to put you in the world as a benevolent guide for the eponymous remote-controlled robot. You'll need to look all around you to find hidden passages and items, and even use your controller as an in-game tool to clear the way for your 'bot buddy. Moss is a more grounded but no less adorable action-adventure game about a tiny mouse named Quill on a grand adventure; you'll feel like you're guiding her around actual mouse-sized nature dioramas as you play.

The bundle also comes with the PlayStation VR Demo Disc 2, which includes little snippets of a dozen games (definitely try the Thumper demo) and, like any PSVR owner, you're free to download and install The Playroom VR for a party-friendly selection of minigames. If I sound excited, it's probably because I bought the bundle myself! It was my first Black Friday 2018 purchase and I don't regret it one bit. Make sure you check out our guide to PlayStation VR bundles for even more options.

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