This incredible Minecraft Hogwarts build took 6 years to make

Minecraft Hogwarts build
(Image credit: Mojang/ducky)

If you're looking for something to do in the wait for Hogwarts Legacy, gawking at this amazing Minecraft Hogwarts build for hours on end isn't a bad option. After all, it took a whopping six years to make - longer than Hogwarts Legacy has been in development - so I'd say it deserves a bit of your time even if you aren't a big fan of the franchise.

Redditor ducky revealed a nice video tour of the build over on Reddit, adding that there's still work to be done before it's complete. Still, even in it's current state, it's quite a spectacle, complete with incredibly faithful exterior and interior designs. Check it our for yourself:

minecraft_hogwarts_started_it_6_years_ago_today from r/Minecraft

As someone with only a perfunctory familiarity with Hogwarts, this looks exactly like a blocky version of the school from the movies - everything from the dining hall to the Quidditch field looks pretty darn exact. Ducky says they spent "hundreds of hours" just looking for a single picture or video that gave them a shot of the angle they needed, so I can only imagine how many hours went into the whole project. 

Right now, since it's not all the way to ducky's liking, the world isn't downloadable in Minecraft, but the creator confirmed plans to release it once it's done. It's unclear what still needs to be added, but they say there's still "lots of work" to be done. One thing they plan on doing is replacing all of the torches with candles now that they're available in Minecraft.

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