This $30 bundle of 69 games is an unbelievably nice deal, and it's for a good cause

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The latest Humble Bundle was assembled in support of Türkiye and Syria, which were recently devastated by severe earthquakes, and it packs 69 games into a stellar $30 package. 

The earthquake relief bundle technically comes with 72 items: 69 games, two books for Starfinder (arguably one of the best tabletop RPGs), and the graphic novel series Saga. These extras look pretty cool, but this ain't graphicnovelradar, so I'm going to focus on the many wonderful games, including an impressive array of Turkish releases. 

Gotham Knights has been touted as the headliner for the bundle, but as we said in our Gotham Knights review, it's all over the place and struggles to marry the genres and elements it dabbles in. You may enjoy it if you really like the starring heroes, but for my money, there are much better games here. 

Take Ghostrunner, a first-person parkour slash-'em-up that kicks so much ass it's already secured a sequel. System Shock Enhanced Edition and System Shock 2 bring some classics to the bundle. XCOM 2 hasn't aged a day. And if I don't mention the eternally popular Euro Truck Simulator 2, my coworker Dustin may well drive to my state just to run me over in an 18-wheeler. 

The most exciting part of the bundle may be the indie greats on offer. Flynn: Son of Crimson is a fantastic 2D action platformer years in the making. Retro roguelite Into the Pit was a fascinating addition to the boomer shooter archives. Monaco is still a stealth juggernaut, Calico is still one of the cutest sims around, and the time travel JRPG Cris Tales still turns my head every time it so much as passes my peripheral vision. Armello! Pathfinder! Stick Fight! Pilgrims! There's something here for basically every genre you can think of, and $30 would be a phenomenal price for even a few of them, let alone all 69. 

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